Michael Kellenberger

Movement – fascinating in all its softness, elegance, power and playfulness – has always appealed to me. Started in the profession of a gardener, trained as a dance teacher, dancer and choreographer in Constance and London, I came to Rolfing®. Certified in May 2006 at the European Rolfing Association (ERA) in Munich. In 2009 I finished the Rolf Movement™ Practitioner Training and was certified as Advanced Rolfer® in 2015. Member of the ERA and the Rolfing Association Switzerland.

Certified Rolfer®
Certified Advanced Rolfer™
Rolf Movement™ Practitioner
Graduate dance-pedagogue, dancer and choreographer
Fascia fitness trainer
Blackroll coach
Certified gardener

«Be in balance as expression of life force», this maxim permeates my work as a human, Rolfer and dancer

In working together with people of all ages, it is particularly important to me to create a learning environment. Everyone is supported to recognize, broaden and complete their own opportunities. This can take place in the body and movement field, as well as in the emotional, cultural or psychological field. Personal development is a continuous process.