1. What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is an effective form of bodywork that «reorganizes» your body, trains and enhances your perception to help you to be upright easier and move better. The targeted handles of the Rolfer™ loosens fascia wherever they are glued, hardened or deformed. You will soon be more mobile, more vital and less painful.

With exercise tips and self-awareness training exercises, the Rolfer helps you get rid of bad habits. A dissolved upright person can breathe deeper and more freely. This way, you will soon feel in harmony with your body and can also keep the results for the long term.

Where does the name Rolfing® structural integration come from?

The biochemist and founder Ida Rolf was one of the first women to do a doctorate at the Rockefeller Institute in New York. Later she worked intensively on osteopathy, chiropractic and yoga. Based on her acquired knowledge, she developed her own treatment, which she called «structural integration».

Unlike most other body therapies, Rolfing starts with the fascia. This connective tissue envelops muscles, bones, nerves and organs and gives our body its individual shape. Ida Rolf was convinced that by targeted manipulation of this network body posture can be optimized and movement restrictions can be eliminated.

2. Rolf Movement™ integration?

Free, flowing and powerful movement with Rolf Movement™ integration. Rolf Movement™ integration is always part of the Rolfing® individual sessions. In addition, in individual sessions, preferably after completion of the Rolfing treatment series, further improvement and possibilities of coordination, economisation and balance can be worked on.

It is both for newcomers with urge to move, as well as for people who occupy their body occupationally such as athletes, dancers, actors, musicians or singers.

Rolf Movement™ integration is also possible in a group as an alternative to individual treatment sessions.

3. Fascia Training

According to the latest scientific findings, fascia is not dead tissue, but the body's largest sensory organ. On the one hand they are responsible for body sensation, on the other hand for power transmission as well as stability. And the good news is that the Neuro-Myofascial System is trainable.

With specific input for this overall system, from Fascial Fitness Training and Blackroll Training, we work on the perception, elasticity, power transmission and stability. Partly playful, sensory and also with different tools for fascial work.

4. Improve your athletic performance, enhance Rolfing session results

With the help of specially developed tape, the myofascial tension can be regulated. Pain symptoms can be treated quickly and reliably. Movement can be improved and the maximum strength is increased. Sporting performance can be optimized.

The Taping can be used to further promote the Rolfing session results, as well as for people who want to improve their athletic performance or movement. The cost of the tape material varies depending on the size of the application. The costs for the material are not covered by the health insurance.

5. Scar tissue newly connected and integrated

The treatment of scars is an essential factor in the treatment process of Rolfing sessions. Scar tissue should be loosened in the facial structures, reconnected and integrated. This allows the greatest possible continuity and resilience throughout neuro-myofascial system.